The Formless Empire: A Short History of Diplomacy and Warfare in Central Asia. Westholme Publishing, 2015.

Book Sections:

Manchuria-Cockpit of Insurgent Empire: A Historical Perspective from the Khitan Liao to the People’s Republic of China. In ‘Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Modern War,’ edited by Scott Romaniuk and Stewart Webb. Routledge, 2015.

Institutional and Peer-Reviewed Publications:

From 2021-through the present many of my foreign policy and geopolitical theory writings can be found at The Institute for Peace and Diplomacy. Specifically, here. Particular highlights are:

Sovereignty: Keystone of the International System

Woke Imperium: The Coming Confluence Between Social Justice and Neoconservatism (now also officially in French over at Le Monde Diplomatique)

Middle Powers in the Multi-Polar World (co-authored)

Economic Sanctions: A Failed Approach (co-authored)

Kazakhstan Crisis and the Prominence of CSTO as an Alternative Security Partnership

After Exceptionalism: A Review of Andrew Bacevich’s ‘After the Apocalypse’ (book review)

On the Brink: Averting a New Cold War Between Washington and Beijing (co-authorerd)

The Unraveling of a Myth: Nation Building and Calamity in Afghanistan

The Increasing Prominence of RCEP and its Security Implications for the Quad

The Last Straw for Liberal Hegemony: Intervention in the Syrian Civil War

Dropping a Dispute: Why the U.S. Should Not Contest Canadian Arctic Sovereignty


Inshore Balancers and Reborn Opportunities: Middle Powers and the Silk Road Region. Baku Dialogues, 2022.

Scenarios for a Post-U.S. Afghanistan. Defense Priorities explainer, 2020.

Don’t Fear China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, Volume 62 Issue 4, 2020.

Countering Violent Extremism in Central Asia: A Reappraisal of Diplomatic Engagement with Historical Human Rights. U.S. Department of State, unclassified version, 2017.

Playing Poker with the Rule of Law: The United Nations and International Peacebuilding Strategies in the Eritrean-Ethiopian War. Canadian Center of Science and Education, Journal of Politics and Law, 2011. Co-authored.

In Omnia Paratus: Of War, Conflict, and International Law in the Contemporary World System. Canadian Center of Science and Education, Journal of Politics and Law, 2010. Co-authored.

Short Articles and Opinion Pieces:

Forever Wars Weaken Great Power Crisis Response. The National Interest, 2022.

‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ is horror in splendid color but is it enough? Responsible Statecraft, The Quincy Institute, 2022.

Russia’s Regime Change War Repeats Washington’s Failures. The National Interest, 2022.

The Rise of Girlboss Militarism. Chronicles, 2022.

Iran-Taliban Clashes Prove America’s Rivals are Foes, Not Friends. The National Interest, 2022.

It is time to normalize relations with Venezuela. Responsible Statecraft, The Quincy Institute, 2022.

The Media War Machine and the Current Thing. Contra, 2022.

The War in Ukraine Heralds a New World Order. 19FortyFive, 2022.

In Ukraine and Syria, Alluring ‘False Flags’ Demand Strategic Skepticism. The National Interest, 2022.

Not Everything is World War II. The American Conservative, 2022. Extra fun source for how long this has been going on for in US media, here.

Samantha Power and the Cosmopolitan Crusaders. Covert Action Magazine, 2021.

A Cold War Between China and America? Not So Fast. 19FortyFive, 2021.

The ‘Liberal International Order’ is Neither Universal Nor Exceptional. The National Interest, 2021. Co-authored.

A reunified Korea could be a formidable power in East Asia. Responsible Statecraft, The Quincy Institute, 2021.

Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Strategy Is Not Based In Reality. 19FortyFive, 2021.

Book Review, ‘Tomorrow The World’-The Sun Never Sets on Postwar America. Global Security Review, 2021.

Diplomacy With Iran Will Serve U.S. Interests in Eurasia. The National Interest, 2021.

Iran-Al Qaeda Alliance? There Is No Such Thing. 19FortyFive, 2021.

The Aughts were Better for Gays than the Woke Era. Twink Revolution, 2020. (Site is now lost so here on this very site is the reprint version).

Biden must Reject the Pull of the American Hegemonic Mindset. Responsible Statecraft, The Quincy Institute, 2020.

The Death of Exceptionalism and the Birth of a New Foreign Policy. The National Interest, 2020.

The Case for U.S. Offshore Balancing in the Middle East. The National Interest, 2020.

Why Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are Committed to Proxy-War. The National Interest and Real Clear World, 2020.

Keeping U.S. Troops in Syria to Counter Russia has the Opposite Effect. Business Insider and The Kyiv Post, 2020.

Is America the Defender of Sovereignty? The Hill, 2020.

New Sanctions on Syria Risk Powering Extremists. Washington Examiner, 2020.

Don’t Let Tension with China Ruin U.S.-North Korea Diplomacy. The Diplomat, 2020.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Is It Really a Threat? The National Interest, 2020.

Want to End Our Endless Wars? Remember the Peace of Westphalia. The American Conservative, 2020.

American Exceptionalism’s Latest Big Hit. Real Clear World, 2020.

Prioritize Plan A: America’s Navy Must Come First. The National Interest and Real Clear Defense, 2019.

Book Review, The Ottoman Age of Exploration. Muftah, 2012.

Saturn’s Hexagon Bafflers Astronomers. NBC News segment script, 2007.

Interviews and Public Presentations:

Woke Imperium: The Coming Confluence Between Social Justice and Neoconservatism. Probably Cancelled Podcast, interview, 2022.

Crackpot Wokeism. American Exception Podcast, discussion, 2022.

Episode 68– Chris Mott w/ Ashley Colby and Josh Kearns. Doomer Optimism podcast interview, 2022.

The Great American Military Rebrand. TK News, radio discussion, 2022 (Fast forward about 15 minutes due to technical difficulties. Significant quotation also appears in this article).

The Woke Imperium: The Confluence Between Social Justice and Neoconservatism. The Grayzone, interview, 2022.

False Flags Demand Strategic Skepticism. Contra, interview, 2022.

Samantha Power and the Cosmopolitan Crusaders. Parallax Views Podcast, interview, 2022.

Middle East Peace? An unlikely but achievable way to reduce regional tensions. Kehilat Hanahar Synagogue, Bagel U presentation, 2022.

Samantha Power and the Cosmopolitan Crusaders. Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, interview, 2022.

From Beans to Bullets: Economic sanctions, do they even work? The Miseducation of Economics Podcast, interview, 2021.

China’s BRI Investments and its Impact on North Atlantic Interests. Institute for Peace and Diplomacy, interview, 2021.

Apocalypse Culture and the Native American Polity. Helmerich Center/Gilcrease Museum presentation, 2019.


Advancing Security: Realism, Restraint, and the Future of U.S. Foreign Policy, 2021. Attended.

The Sino-Indian Border Dispute, George Washington University, 2017. Attended.

Countering Violent Extremism and Counterterrorism. George Washington University, 2017. Attended.

Strategic Choices of China and Russia. University of Helsinki, 2011. Presenter.

China and East Asia in International Relations. University of Durham, 2011. Presenter.

Symposium on Small States in International Relations. University of Iceland, 2011. Presenter.

Borders and Frontiers in History. University of St Andrews, 2011. Presenter.

Cross Cultural Encounters in History. University of St Andrews, 2010. Presenter.

Retrospective in the Balkan Conflicts, CATO Institute, 2008. Attended.